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Eat To Get Shredded!

June 9, 2017




Hey Guys!  


Thanks for being a part of this awesome Newsletter!  I hope I am able to give you guys info that you can actually USE!!  Feel Free to leave any comments or feed back.  Also, Make sure and Check out my latest YouTube Video on this topic that also includes a Grocery Haul & Don't forget to subnscribe while you're there. =)



Alright so lets just get down to it... You want to know, what you need to it to get SHREDDED Right????  I know you have all probably seen those oh so annoying pop ups "Click Here for a list of 3 Foods that will Help you lose belly fat INSTANTLY". LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!  Don't believe these spammers... They're just in it to sell you a product, that WONT EVEN WORK. Plain & Simple.


Heres the truth.  Theres NO SECRET foods that will make you leaner and more shredded.... The truth is actually in the numbers.  You Total Caloric intake will determine your actual results.  Now that said, there are different dieting methods (IIFYM, Clean Eating, Keto, Paleo, etc) that you can use to get you the results you're looking for, but in the end they all stem from that SAME BASE number... YOUR TOTAL CALORIC INTAKE. 


This number can be sort of hard to figure out and will in most cases result in a lot of trial and error. Have patience and take your time with it.  Figure what works with YOUR body!  


Now all this said, YES there are foods that when you are looking to lean down and SHRED, should be your first choice and those are the things I go over in my youtube video and just a bit in this blog.  


So say you have been tracking your macros and your maintaining your weight but not getting that leaner physique that you're going for... Instead of lowering your macros or spending hours on the treadmill, try double checking that your eating the foods that will give you the MOST bang for your buck so to say....  In other words are the foods you're consuming daily, nutrient dense foods that will provide your body with the fuel out needs to build muscle and function at its utmost capacity????  OR are you eating pop tarts and skittles for all your carb sources????  


Sure, math and science say that you can theoretically eat those things and lose weight as long as you're under your daily macro requirements for fat loss, BUT are you going to get shredded??? Probably not.  And yes there are most certainly exceptions to the rule... There are people out there that have amazing genetics or a soaring metabolism and their bodies can handle it.  But if you find yourself not seeing the results you want make sure your incorporating some or all of the foods below into your DAILY macro intake.  Nutrient Dense Foods= HEALTH= SHREDDDZZZ. 



Example Grocery List to get SHREDDED:

Veggies: Get your GREENS IN!!!




Green Beans

Spinach– always better fresh

For salads:

arugula– fresh

baby kale/ spinach


Plain Frozen veggies is another great option!


Fruits w more “bang for your buck”:






Brown/White  Rice

Whole Grain Pasta (very carb dense)

Rice cakes

yams or sweet potatoes

White/Red/Brown Potatoes

Quick oats-- Watch out for the High suger in the individual packets

Whole Grain Breads/English Muffins/Bagels

Whole Wheat Tortillas




Chick peas/Hummus

Black beans



Mrs. dash salt free — tons of different flavors

Red hot

Siracha sauce



Flavored Mustard but watch for added sugars/fats ***always read the label!***

Braggs Amino Acids– zero calorie soy sauce

Stevia for sweetener



olive oil

Nut butters of all kinds


Coconut oil

Whole eggs



Chicken breast

Extra lean or Lean ground turkey breast

Extra lean ground beef

Flank Steak

Tilapia, Tuna, Salmon (higher in fats), Cod, Shrimp

Egg whites


Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Greek Yogurt 0%-- Usually a bit higher in carbs



Almond/Cashew milk

unsweetened green tea

vitamin water Zero, powerade zero, WATER!

Crystal Light

Good tupperware


This Grocery List is just an example for you to reference.  There are TONS of possibilities out there!  Food is BEAUTIFUL! LOL


Please note that portion sizes and knowing your macro intake is what will actually get you your results.



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