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What's Your Favorite Cheat Meal?

March 17, 2017


Do you ever  find yourself spending hours scrolling thru Pinterest Food Porn pics or liking every foodie pic on IG???  Are you guilty of living vicariously thru social media food posts??  


Well I can def say that I am 100% guilty.  In fact anytime I have a cheat meal scheduled, I spend HOURS researching and planning it as if I was planning my DREAM Wedding LOL


So thru my endless hours of research and actual experience in the matter,  Ive come up with my TOP 3 Cheat Meals.  These meals are things that if I was on death row and was planning my LAST meal, every single one of these would be on the list! LOL Im so dramatic Right?!


Ok so, In order of preference, Numero Uno!  BURGER AND FRiES! Don't forget the FRIES!! When deciding to partake on a burger adventure, I like to research TONS of blog posts and reviews on just which burger is rated number one in my area.  From there I plan every last detail of what I will be adding to my burger feast, i.e. jalapeños, avocado, cheese, etc. It is also essential that I SEE 👀 w my own eyes a picture of what the burger creation looks like.  I can always spot my next burger obsession!


Second Favorite Cheat Meal, Pancakes and Eggs! My Go-To spot for this cheat meal is IHOP.... I know I know, Why am I choosing such a "low grade" option??  Well here the deal, if I end up in a fancy swanky hotel restaurant or cafe, the result is most likely an overly calorie infested "chef creation"  when all I really wanted was some good ol' pancakes and eggs.  Even when I'm on vacation out of town, I usually tend to find those hole in the wall, mostly filled w locals, types of breakfasts spots.  They're the BEST and  you will find yourself saving some extra calories and a little money when compared to the other fancy options.


Third and lastly, Now this one is really gonna throw you guys for a loop. CEREAL!!!!  Yes a big ol' bowl of CEREAL!  My faves are anything w cinnamon, and recently I've been seriously swooning over CINNAMON PEBBLES! ❤️❤️ Im like a child I swear...  Even as a kid, my main food group was always cereal.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner... It didn't matter what time it was.  Being that cereal is def a lower calorie option than the above cheat meals, I tend to grab myself the BIGGEST bowl possible and eat... well if I'm not careful, I could eat an entire box! LOL. But usually I stick to 2-3 servings w a side of grilled cheese or some other random thing I may be craving.


So thats it Folks!  My Top 3 Cheat Meals and basically what I indulge in post show or for my weekly cheat meals.


What YOUR Favorite Cheat meal????

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