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Are you NEW TO THE GYM? Not sure where or how to start? KEEP ON READING!


This is Part 1 of my Beginner's Guide to the gym!  Go ahead and sign up... Its FREE!!! YES FREE!  Part 1 of this program I am giving away to evryone for free. Basically if you are a newb to the gym and just dont even know where to start, this is for YOU!


A simple How-To that starts w finding the RIGHT gym for YOU! Each part of this program is designed to last 4wks and keep you progressing further along in your Beginning stages.


To Recieve the Guide all you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter and you will automatically receive a link to download the document.  Be sure to leave any feedback/requests you may have for the future programs. You can email me anytime kpowfit@gmail.com

Beginner's GuideTo The Gym