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WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! This is the PERFECT time to get started on a NEW YOU!  While I firmly believe that fitness is a lifestyle, the new year allows a chance to start FRESH! This Challenge will be a similar structure to the first, HOWEVER, it will be filled w TONS of new and fun exercises and surprises!  I also plan on taking it upon just a notch especially for those that participated the first time.



Taking on this challenge will not only help you get BACK ON TRACK but it will also help teach you to be more dedicated and with the chance of winning a prize, what more motivation do you need to STICK TO IT!


Come along for the journey!

Deadline to Enter Dec 31st!!

Challenge Begins Jan 11th

Heres what the program will entail and everything you will receive:

The program will include a 5 day training split, basic nutrition information and cardio recommendations. Gym is required for exercises.


There are two sign up options.

  • One will include a more hands on approach w nutrition consults and weekly check in’s. This option will also include a custom recommended Macro breakdown. $150

BONUS!!!  Sign up BEFORE Christmas and get 15% off w code KPOW at check out.

  • I will also be offering a grab and go Option so that you can take it and run with it as you please. This option will not include specific macros or weekly check in’s. $75


I will also be picking TWO WINNERS at the end of the challenge and they will be gifted $200 worth of prizes and  bragging rights! Hehe 

The winners will be chosen not just by weight/fat loss but also, by how involved they were in the plan, on social media and weekly check in’s.  YES you can still participate in the contest if you purchase the "grab and go" option.  Just make sure you are tagging pics on social media and posting the designated FB Group once you are in. =)


This program will also mentally challenge you to be your BEST! And that will come into play when picking the winners... did you give it your all?? Were you constantly making excuses?? 


Once you sign up for the program, if you wish to participate in the contest portion, you MUST turn in your “before” pictures by the specified deadline in order to be eligible. The same will go with the “after” pics.


 I am SUPER EXCITED to get everyone involved and closer as a community!!! CANT WAIT!